Get that perfect cup of coffee with an espresso machine

Coffee is one of the most preferred beverages in the world after Tea. Thanks to the cafe culture, coffee lovers are exploring the innovative ways to devour their cuppa of delight. Brewers and chefs in best restaurants, hotels and coffee shops are coming out with amazing coffee recipes, and they use nothing but only the best coffee beans for espresso. From the humble hot coffee to the cool ice shake, this beverage sure has many ways to enjoy it.

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It is not possible to head to a cafe all time when one feels like having their favourite espresso coffee. To get that perfect cup of delight, it is advisable to buy the best espresso machine at home or office. This will not only save money, but one will have the chance to indulge in coffee binging as and when the heart yearns for it.

To buy best home espresso machine online or from the local store, it is always better to make an informed choice. These days the market is flooded with many machines and it can be a huge challenge to invest in one of the many espresso machines available in the market. Here are some handy tips to get started with.

  1. It is important to be educated about the functioning and features of a good coffee espresso machine. A wise consumer will educate himself/herself of the attributes of the machine and what are the technical specifications to look into.
  2. Read online about the brands available in the market like the Breville espresso machine or the Krups espresso machine.
  3. Do a comparative analysis of the selected brand of espresso machine regarding features, price, quality of coffee brewed and the warranty given by the company.
  4. Look for consumer reviews and blogs to gain first-hand insight of those who have bought and used the machine.
  5. Buy from online stores that offer to educate and assist buyers in using the machine. This is important for models especially if you are buying a super automatic espresso machine. Without prior knowledge, it would be tough to operate them.
  6. Those of you buying a manual model try to buy a machine that will work wonders with little pressure else the quality of the taste would not be up to the mark.
  7. Semi-automatic espresso machine offers a more finely brewed coffee as it offers better pressure to the water, and the cuppa of coffee tastes a lot better over the one made manually.
  8. There are also ones with fully automatic functions that are more or less like the semi-automatic but with more control in terms of water that makes way to the coffee beans. Buy the one that offers maximum pressure features to get perfect concentrate.
  9. Those with the extra budget should select super duper fully automatic espresso coffee makers. This one comes with more exciting features like a grinder that is inbuilt and customization mechanism. Here the chance of having a delicious macchiato, latte and cappuccino are possible.
  10. On a more specified levels look for machines that give the chance to grind the beans to coarse to finer settings for more refined taste.
  11. Machines that have a light system are better as it is easy to maintain them in a long run.
  12. There is the provision of removable and adjustable water tank making it easier to cater to small to large group of people at one go.
  13. The machine is compact, sleek and easy to keep at any corner makes it an ideal thing to buy. This is more so in case when buying it for home or small coffee shop owners.

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Difference Between Coffee and Espresso


For most people who are lovers of caffeine, the line between coffee and espresso can be a bit fuzzy. Both are tasty, both have caffeine and both come from beans that smell delicious. But what makes them different? Let Port City Java help clarify this burning question!

The main difference between espresso and drip coffee is the preparation method used. There is no plant that grows espresso beans or roasting style that makes espresso beans. The beans that are used to make espresso can be a blend of different coffees or one specific type of coffee bean.

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In general, espresso is prepared using a much finer grind than what would be used to prepare drip coffee. These grinds are then tamped with 30-40 pounds of pressure into a portafilter basket so they are very compact. This prevents the water from blowing a hole into the grinds and making a poorly pulled shot. The time it takes for the hot water (nearly 200 degrees!) to run through the grinds should take around 15-20 seconds every time a single or double shot is pulled. Any longer or shorter amount of time will affect the way the shot looks and tastes.

There are three main parts to the espresso shot: The heart, which is the dark part at the bottom, the body, which is the middle part and the crema, which is the frothy top layer. After about 10 seconds, the shot will die and lose the distinct three parts. Not to mention it will taste so bad you’ll forget you need the caffeine in the first place.